What’s with TLC anyway?

I am within seconds of nicknaming them the “Freak Show Channel”, or something like that.  In general, to me, most television is pretty pointless.  I have my favorite shows, but, if they went away, I could live without them.  However, there are those programs that I regard as “useless and/or pointless” television, and TLC seems to have the bulk of them.

What is up with “Little People, Big World”, or “The Little Couple”???  Seriously.   Now, don’t misread me, it’s not their condition that makes call the show “useless” it’s the whole concept of watching someone else’s life.  I don’t like the “Duggars” too much either.  “John and Kate Plus Eight” was just as annoying, and yes, that is a totally useless show, as is the upcoming “Kate Plus 8” special.

Actually, I find reality television rather tiresome over all.  It makes no sense to me why anyone would want to waste time watching someone else’s life.   Shows like “Biggest Loser” and “Celebrity Apprentice” are mildly interesting, only because of the competitive aspect to both shows.  The contestants are trying to win something on each program, and, on “Biggest Loser” watching the changes the people on the show go through is inspiring.  But, that’s where it stops.  I won’t even waste time with “Jersey Shore” or “Real Housewives of (insert city here)” , or even worse. “Toddlers and Tiaras”.

The thing I hate about the “little people” shows, is that they almost seem exploitative, and there is just something about them that bugs me to the point that I cannot watch them.  Around my house, however, the “little people” programs are rather popular.

On the other hand, some reality programs are great for “people watching”.  Notably, the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” programs.  Talk about a bunch of desperate, hard up, horny, lonely, border line crazy people.  Where does ABC find them? They must peruse Match.com and EHarmony.com for potential cast members….  This latest season (I don’t watch it, I happen to be in the room when it is on) is another collection of neuroses, psychoses, as well as a few other “oses”.   There is ego, social maladjustment, deceit, more social maladjustment, some minor paranoia, delusion, manipulative behavior, and some low self esteem thrown in for good measure.   Oh yeah, and the thing that really bugs me about that show is during the “rose ceremony” when Chris Harris come out and says. “Last rose, gentlemen, last rose for tonight.”.  Uh, yeah, Chris, we can see that…. But, then, there are those out there with short attention spans that probably are not aware and need reminding.  The other stupid line on that show was during the last season when Chris Harris said: “Now those of you who didn’t get a rose tonight, remember, it’s nothing personal.”…. Huh??  How’s that again?  Nothing personal?  Sounds like one of the writers didn’t double check the script.

There are good shows, and interesting shows, and there are shows that one watches where there is nothing on, and in some ways, I can justify watching for the sake of watching, but, nothing  justifies a useless TV show.

So, I go about my day, waiting for the next season of “Gray’s Anatomy”….and searching the Military Channel for a show hosted by R Lee Ermey.