Is there such a thing?

Does life really matter?

Does it matter, in the big picture, to anyone?

I hear people talking about “the sanctity of life” and it usually in connection with abortion, euthanasia, or, something similar, and, in that same conversation, it’s not too far from it’s neighbor “dying with dignity”

Since the Charlie Gard episode exploded on the scene, I was really beginning to think that we live in one big “death culture”.  Think about it.  It seems like the human society as a whole has become so fatalistic, that many people seem resigned to the fact that death is really no big deal.

Let’s take abortion for example, and this is a subject that is a sore point for me.  Ever since I was old enough to understand what abortion was, the thought of it horrified me.  Way back in 8th grade, (Catholic grade school) as part of one of classes, I don’t remember which, we held a debate about abortion.  I remember being on the “pro life” side, and doing what research I could on the subject (note, this in 1980,) During the course of the lesson, I remember thinking “how could anyone knowingly, willingly, kill their own child?” 

Fast forward 37 years, and I still think that way.  The debate still rages, both sides trying to prove why they are right.  I know both sides haves some people who are passionate supporters for their side, and are vocal about it.  I get where we come from on the “pro life” side.  It’s really a simple argument.    That’s not what I am going to go into here, because it’s been articulated before.  What I don’t understand, is on the “pro-abortion” side (I refuse to call it “pro choice”) there are people who are unapologetic in their support for, and desire for abortion to be available all of the time, everywhere.

I am often taken aback at the tone many abortion rights supporters and groups take when it comes to defending a woman’s right to kill her child.  I have never seen strident language like the language many abortion supporters use to defend killing.  That’s what it is though, it’s death.  It’s death inflicted on an innocent human being because the mother thinks them “inconvenient”, or a “burden”.  When looked at in it’s proper light, “abortion” (which is too clean sounding a word for the procedure, I always liked “Induced Fetal Death”) the attitudes of abortion supporters seem almost bloodthirsty, as if killing babies is their goal.  They pay lip service to “women’s health” and etcetera, but what they really want to do, and see, is death.  Specifically the death of babies.

What drives a person to this level?  One can blame feminism, and one can also blame the society as a whole for being blase toward death, and violence for that matter. But, that is not what I am looking for.  How does one get to the point where they area a cheerleader for death?  During many protests in support of Planned Parenthood, I saw people carrying signs that said “Abortion for all” and “Abortion at any time, without apology”, and similar signs, saying vile things about children, Christians, and Republicans, and other pro-life types. Obscenity laced speeches about the same.  Fist shaking women demanding that not only should baby-killing be considered normal, but also, that the government should pay for it.  Even more disturbing, some of these women are mothers, and brought children to these protests.  I can’t help myself for feeling sorry for some of these women.  I really want to know;  Is killing babies that big of a deal to these women?   Why is it so important that so many children be put to death?  Furthermore, why do women like this seem to celebrate it?  Has feminism come so far, (or maybe, sunk so low) that they are intent on ignoring basic humanity regardless of the cost?  By cost, I mean the societal, moral, and ethical cost but to the personal cost to themselves?   Many of the “men” I see at these protests, or, rather in video footage of the protests, are along the lines of the “Pajama Boy” from the Obama Care ads from a couple of years back.  Men, who are men only in name, and have wives or girlfriends that are more masculine than they.  Men who meekly acquiesce, in some cases, to the killing of their child.  For these men,  it is a cop out, an admission of weakness, and an inability to stand up and take their responsibility.  They were “man” enough to get into bed with the woman, (honestly, sex is the easy part) but, now they are not man enough to say “That child is my responsibility too. (And before you judge, I was in that exact situation 28 years ago, I stood up and took my responsibility seriously, and married the mother of my child, and committed to raising him, which I did, along with four more kids over the years.  I stood up, I took responsibility. If I was man enough to have sex, then, I was man enough to raise the result of that encounter) For the record, the marriage didn’t last, but because I took parenting seriously, that now 28 year old is building a life of his own, as are his  two siblings from that marriage.  So, I took responsibility, and even, took custody of my kids when the situation arose, and raised them.  Like a man, and a parent should.   All of that, however is not the point.

The point is the evil that seems to lurk in those who support abortion.  I just don’t understand it.  They come at it with a passion, and it is visceral, and it is aggressive, and it is also “expsosed fangs and claws” kind of blood thirsty.   Yes, that is my take, because that is how many of them come across.  There seems to be no room for discussion on the issue, on the sanctity of life, or the moral aspects.  It’s as if all humanity has been abandoned in the name of making sure the deaths keep coming.


Why is killing babies so important?  It’s as if these people would do anything to prevent their “right” to abortion from being taken away.  What is it about abortion rights that makes these people react like they do?

Maybe, because abortion gives them a direct and easy way to rid themselves of the consequences of their lifestyle?  Perhaps, but that almost seems too simple.  There are other things men and women can do to prevent pregnancy that are simpler and less invasive.  The abortion procedure itself, despite what activists say, is not a simple, or painless procedure, and there is a psychological component to it that is never spoken about.  So, it would seem that solely using abortion as a form of “birth control” would be a something of an ordeal to go through.

It also seems that many of these women who are the loudest defenders of abortion rights, also seem to be ardent feminists, is it possible that in their desire to advance feminist causes, these women have abandoned their inherent “femaleness”?  From my observations, based on the things they say, it would seem that way.  Are they that caught up in feminism, that they are denying the things that make them women, in order to detach themselves from their gender?  Because if they can approach the feminist causes seemingly without conscience, especially on the abortion front, then, it would seem to me the only way they could do that is to put aside the fact that they are   “women”, so it allows them to approach the fight without any moral, or ethical concerns?  Perhaps detaching themselves from being women allows them to distance themselves from the reality of what they are doing?  If you think about it, advocating for abortion means you are actually advocating for the violent, traumatic death of a child.  An unborn child, but a child all the same.  By couching it in the guise of “women’s health care” and “women’s rights” they give it a veneer that hides what it actually is.