Ah yes, here we go, Random Thoughts, Vol 2,486. (If you missed the first 2,485 volumes, that’s okay, so did I)

– LeBron James treated us to a one hour special the other night, just so he could announce where he was going to be playing next.  Miami now has, by all accounts “three ball hogging egomaniacs” on it’s roster… A championship is supposed to come out of that? (I don’t follow basketball, I am just amazed that a single team has that much money to spare)

– Furthermore, LeBron, or “King” James as he as been tagged in the press, proved that, like many basketball stars, his ego is larger than life….

– So, Vienna and Jake decided to show us how a break up is really done… on national television.  Hysterical, tear studded histrionics on one side, and cold, calculating, ego-driven irritation on the other.   I can’t feel sorry for either one of them.  After all, when you sign up to be on “The Bachelor”, or “Bachelorette” you sort of have it coming to you.

– Is our President as  arrogant  as he appears to be?  The simple answer is “yes”.

– I am really tired of seeing Lindsay “The Parent Trap” Lohan in the news… Waaa! She is going to jail… Waaaa! She doesn’t want to go.  Honestly, when are these “poor me”  self-important Hollywood types going to get it?    Oh, right, never. If I were the judge, I would have locked her up for a year….

– I guess Michael Jackson’s death didn’t linger as long as I thought it would… After Elvis died, all that was heard about for years was Elvis… Now, one year out from Michael’s death, he is hardly mentioned any more.  You would think the alleged “King of Pop” would have been immortalized in every way possible, and we would be getting splenetic updates from all of the “tabloid TV” shows every day, reminding that MJ is indeed dead, and we should still be mourning his greatness…

– So, we found out this past week that the iPhone is not perfect, and the hue and cry from the legions of Apple “fanboys” shook the tech pages of the Internet… Hell hath no fury like a geek scorned.

– And, for the 35th consecutive year, “Trekkie geeks”  are at the top of my “People that Annoy the Heck Out of Me” list.

– Going to the swimming pool on a hot summer day is a good thing, from a completely male perspective….

– Our President “has no clue”, is “stupid” and “has no concept”. If that were true, that would be scary… Unfortunately, the frightening truth is, he knows exactly what he is doing, and the goals he has for his administration…. Be afraid, be very afraid.

– Why is Kate Gosselin even considered a “celebrity”?  Why does she give me the impression that she is, at best, a very difficult person to live with?

– Actually, “Deadliest Catch” is a pretty cool TV show…

– What is with all of this idiotic “vampire” crap, on TV and in the movies?  Seriously, a “good” vampire?  I guess that would be in the same vein as a “gentle Nazi” ….

– A New York Times  article this past week on the Illinois budget crisis described Illinois as having a “dysfunctional political culture”…. Yeah, that’s putting it mildly.

– Oh yeah… why are Klohe, Kourney, and Kim Kardashian considered celebrities?  It would also appear their mother has an obsession with the letter “K”.  Why do they all come across as “witless wonders”?  Oh, yeah, that’s right, they are from Hollywood.


I think that about does it for today.  Too many things going on that need to be written about, and not enough time to write it all.