Ya, and itz gud  riteing.  i know i rite gud

I want to puke. Violently.

And then,  beat the perpatrator of that sentence with an English textbook.  Note that I said “perpatrator” and not “writer” or anything else.  Writing like that is a crime.   I see that kind of crap writing everywhere I turn these days, and it’s disgusting.  I am not sure if it’s laziness, stupidity, or a combination of both.

Now, I am not a wizard at English, I know I don’t always construct a proper sentence. I do, however, try to write as clear as I possibly can.  How can anyone even begin to understand that crap? There is nothing worse than trying to read a forum post, email, or text message that is spelled in the above manner, or, is written all lower case, and not punctuated.  I want to take a thesaurus and throw it at their head, at a high rate of speed.   Perhaps the impact of an entire vocabulary cracking them in their cranial region might help…it’s worth a shot at this point.

I want to know when “z” replaced “s” in many words, such as “guyz”, or “dollz” “izz” and when did “d” replace “th”?  (i.e diz, dat, dem,0   Don’t tell me that’s how kids write, because we were kids once, and I can’t ever recall writing that poorly, spelling that poorly, and disregarding every rule of grammar in the English language. I do not recall ever seeing anything like that among my contemporaries back in high school.   Facebook really irritates me, because that is where I see it the most.  However, I am an administrator on a photography website, and I see that style of writing, as well as the “all-caps” and the “lower case run on” .   Since when did everyone start writing like “Flowers for Algernon”?

And kids today wonder why we think many of them are complete idiots. It’s because of the way they write.   I know many people send text messages in that manner because it keeps the messages shorter.  To some extent, I get that, (I am so anal, I send properly spelled, and grammatically correct text messages, don’t ask me why, either)  as well as sending abbreviations for longer words (“thot” for “thought” for instance) because text messages are supposed to be for quick communication, not telling a story.  The problem with that is that it tends to carry over in to regular written communication such as email, and forum posting, or other types of written communication.  Opening an email to a friend, or acquaintance with “how r u” makes it look like someone’s five year old took a turn at the computer.

The written word is probably the most crucial form of communication we have.  When spelling, punctuation, and grammar are ignored, the meaning of what someone is trying to say is lost also.  I won’t give an email, or a forum post that is an all “lower case run on” a second glance. If I can’t get through the first sentence of a paragraph, I won’t bother.  How would it look if important communication, or instructions were written thus:

to all employes tomorrow is a day off for allof those in all deparments also for everyone at the computer room mail room and resepshun u must be at work at eight people are goin to b here for meeting you will not b able to use the frst fllor conf room……

So, what is everyone supposed to do?  Show up at eight a.m. for a meeting, or is everyone supposed to show up for a meeting with eight people, or is it that everyone gets the day off?   Who is coming for the meeting?  Will they, or won’t they be able to use the first floor conference room for the meeting?

I think it’s time that properly taught English made it’s way back into our schools.  Our children, the ones that write about “diz, dat, n’ da boyz and girlz” will be the future communicators of their generation…how in the hell is anyone supposed to understand them?

People not only judge you by the words you use, but also how you write them.