I am having a dilemma. And, it’s kind of serious, because I don’t know if I am being a whiny jerk, or not.

Being as how I am not working right now, and the girlfriend is the only one working, money is tight, and because of that, we get food from a couple of local food pantries, to supplement the groceries.  With a total of six people to feed, it’s kind of necessary… But, that’s not the problem.

The problem is:  Should I be thankful for something we receive even though I don’t like it?

The other day, we got a package of Chicken Franks from the food pantry…. To be honest, I had never had them before, and since we were kind of short on what to make for supper, the Chicken Franks filled the bill, because they were fast, simple, and the kids were not in the mood for the pork roast in the freezer, and I didn’t have any hamburgers, regular hot dogs, or polish sausage around the house.

I discovered I hate Chicken Franks.  They are gross. Seriously gross.  The kids liked them.  Me? Not so much.

So, should I even be complaining?  After all, in the immortal words of my grandfather, “Be thankful you have something to eat.”  Which is true…. I just wish it wasn’t Chicken Franks.

To be clear, we aren’t starving around here… we get plenty of great things from the food pantries, and frankly, I am darn thankful for their generosity. And, with the groceries we buy, we have plenty….sometimes we have to do without extras, but that’s how it goes.

I just wish they would withhold the Chicken Franks.  I don’t know why this is bugging me so much but it is.  I don’t want them ever again, but, in all seriousness, we will get them again, because we don’t get to pick what we want, generally, we just get handed bags of food, and it’s a “you get what you get” kind of thing.  And sometimes, the food pantries get what ever the stores don’t sell, or what ever kind people clear out of their pantries, and generally it’s the things they won’t eat.  I don’t see Chicken Franks breaking sales records….anywhere.

Is it wrong to be less than thankful for something you don’t like?  Or because of the whole “beggars can’t be choosers” thing am I being a jerk for not liking/wanting something that someone,(corporate or individual)  out of the kindness of their hearts, donated to the food pantry. After all in these tough economic times, we all need all the help we can get….

I just wish Chicken Franks weren’t part of that help.